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auto-dimmimg rearview mirror,digital vedio recorder
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  • Comparison of reaction speed

    This product utilizes LCD technology with the characteristic that liquid crystal will comply with the direction of electric field. When there is no voltage applied, the light will be rotated by 90 degree such that it can pass through the second layer of polarizer which is orthogonal to first layer of polarizer so the mirror is at bright state. On the contrary, when voltage is applied, liquid crystal will be oriented vertically such that the light will not be rotated and then be blocked by the second layer of polarizer so the mirror is at dark state as shown .

  • Comparison of reaction time

    It is estimated that the reaction time is 1.2 seconds longer with glare induced Troxler effect. If we drive on the high way at 100 km/h, the vehicle will drive 37.5 meters more during this period of time. The average stopping distance is around two times of the distance without the effect of glare.

  • Comparison of reaction sensors

    Silicon photo sensor
    The tolerance of silicon photo sensor is lower so the conformity of product quality is higher.

    CDS photo sensor
    The tolerance of CDS photo sensor is higher so it’s hard to main the conformity of product quality.